Kludge: how to repair paint scratches with nail polish

This information wasn't on the Internet, so I'm putting it there.  Our blue Samsung washer and dryer were badly scratched during the move, and the original color isn't available.  So I blended three colors of nail polish together to match the bastards.  Good thing I painted all those tiny orc figurines in my D&D-playing days!
The washer and dryer are a pretty odd color, a grayish metallic blue.  My first thought was that it must be an automobile paint, but Samsung doesn't offer touch-up paint for it.  Alice suggested we try nail polish.  So I asked her to go to the store and get several colors that were close to her recollection of the appliances.  Out of the six she came back with, I used these:
Here's the color names, just in case you're reading this post because you are actually trying to repair a scratched Samsung WF363BTBEUF washer or DV363EWBEUF dryer:
I mixed four parts metallic blue, one part metallic light purple, and one part nonmetallic dark purple.  Where's a good place to mix nail polish?  On the bottom of a glass jar from the recycling bin, that's where.  I used a small craft paintbrush to mix and apply the polish.  A smaller paintbrush would have allowed me to do a neater job.

Here's the results, with and without camera flash.  The left end of this scratch has been repaired:
The mixed color is so close, it might be hard for you to see the repaired part.  I was pretty pleased, considering that the scratches go all the way to the metal.

Take the matter into your own hands, folks.  Fix your stuff!

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