I missed my workout this morning, my daily cardio on the bike trainer in the basement. I was too busy fucking. My wife pulled me to her shortly after my alarm went off, an after a piss and a long drink of water I shook the cobwebs out of my head and went to her. I've been biking in the basement four or five mornings a week for the last month or so. She asked me to start doing it - my job isn't terribly active and I was getting creaky and I'm physically not very strong. I'm only 38 but I'd better start taking care of myself. I'm not sure how to take care of myself. In the broadest physical terms, I do, like how not to get hit by a bus, but the subtler aspects elude me. Like how to have a good life.

Certain things have been unfolding in my mind recently. I don't know where they'll lead.

Amjad Ali Khan: Romancing the Rains

I downloaded this album from eMusic on the recommendation of Ed Ward (http://berlinbites.blogspot.com/). I'm given to understand that it's classical Indian music. I haven't got the vocabulary to describe it. It seems to be wholly improvised, but that may just be my limited sense of what the plan for this kind of music normally is. There is a pitter-pat of percussion played with hands on small drums in the background; there are stringed instruments played with notes that slide like springs from one place to another on the scale, and sometimes they slide a long ways. All in all, it's drenched with atmosphere. I don't ever need to hear "The End" by The Doors again. This underpins that song, and certain Led Zeppelin tracks, and Cornershop, and some more things besides.


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