Reminiscences of Cleveland

  • When I found out what peanut butter tastes like on a hot dog, at the Happy Dog
  • The guy that comes to the Barking Spider with his cat on his shoulder
  • That time at the Beachland when the disco ball wasn't rotating, so somebody threw their coat at it and it swung crazily
  • When a teenager got chased by some bad guys and hid behind my garage freaking out and I asked him if I should call the police but he said no so we chilled until the coast was clear
  • Introducing British Brian to Anna C., two people who know everyone else in town but somehow not each other
  • The manic energy of the early days of the Cleveland Social Media Club
  • Getting hit on by a gay dude right outside my office on the way to my car
  • The bloody dolls hanging from the ceiling of the Grog Shop after halloween
  • Discovering Liefman's Goudenband at Brewzilla during Beer Week
  • The lawncare company that did twice as much work as we asked for, then tried to get us to pay twice the agreed price
  • The look of mixed loathing and shame on my hung-over friend's face the morning after my birthday party
  • A night flight into Hopkins making a sharp turn around downtown, a perfect view of the town lit up on one of my last trips back

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