Cooking equipment we'd like to see

Did you ever wander through Williams-Sonoma and think, well, an electric crepe maker is all well and good, but what have you got for the person who can't steam vegetables without smoking up the house?

1. Burnt Grilled Cheese Sandwich Scraper
This combination table knife and dustbuster simultaneously scrapes the blackened layer off your sandwich and vacuums up the soot! No more waving the sandwich over the sink and blowing the crumbs off.

2. Sauce Glue
When you make a sauce that has both oils and water in it, and it's supposed to be creamy but instead it "breaks" into, well, oil and water, this secret ingredient magically glues the sauce molecules back together. Brought to you by the same team of scientists who invented Silly Putty!

3. Blenderbuss
Never again will you have to wear your frozen margarita or clean your protein shake off the cat. The Blenderbuss is a foolproof system for combining and delivering liquids. Simply pour the ingredients into the muzzle, point it at the diner's mouth, and squeeze the trigger! Note: opening package constitutes agreement to terms of waiver. As a side note, some users find the product more effective if it's pointed directly at the toilet, eliminating the middleman.

4. Fireman-B-Gon
Broil steak without fear. This mixture of garlic, vegemite, and durian, when spread around your property line, repels public servants. So effective you could burn your house to the ground and people would actually applaud!