Best burgers in town: Red Robin

I've been on a bit of a hamburger tear for the last couple months (no puns on my name, please) so I've had a lot of pub burgers. I like real blue cheese burgers without bacon. My all-time favorite, actually, is the peppercorn burger Champps used to make.

Happy hour at the Bier Markt presents a very good basic burger for $6. Brew Kettle out on the west side has a pretty good burger special for lunch, on Wednesdays I think. Fox & Hound (near 271 and Mayfield Heights road) has a few good burgers on the menu. The City Grill at 6416 Detroit makes burgers that remind me of the ones from Dairy Queen, which has its own special charm. Last year, one slid out of the bun and landed on my plate. And of course there's Winking Lizard.

The one that beats them all for an affordable all-around burger, though, is Red Robin. The one I go to is southeast, on the frontage road along 271 near the Chagrin Road exit. There's probably a dozen and a half specialty burgers on the menu, but the ordinary cheeseburger works for me - it's delicious. And the service is about twice as good as I'd expect at a burger joint. Give 'em a visit.


In related news, I share Eating Cleveland's enthusiasm for DiBella's Subs on Richmond. Delicious - but we won't be back for a while. The last time Alice and I went there, we were both ill the next day, and DiBella's was the only thing we both ate. When we came in, there was a guy on a ladder behind the counter, cleaning a ceiling ventilation grate with a wire brush--over the food prep counter. Against my better judgement, we ordered anyway. My mistake.