Joint blogger meeting: Lake Erie Moose Society and Ohio Blogging Association

On Monday, June 6, the blogging group I co-organize with Heidi Cool will hold a joint meetup with the Ohio Blogging Association.  I went to an OBA meetup in April and had a blast - there are a lot of good people there.  Join us if you're blogging or thinking about blogging or if you'd just like to chat!

Erie Moose (we handle RSVPs on Facebook) has been trundling along nicely since our rise from the ashes of the old meetup group in late 2009; we've held meetings every month (with the exception of the very snowy December of 2010) with attendances ranging from a dozen in winter to two or three dozen in the summertime.  Many of us are in the Cleveland Social Media Club, so we have several members with strong technical and web-design backgrounds. 

I'm less familiar with the OBA, but my first impressions are that it is less technical and more about the content and the fun of writing.  They have blogs about charities, logs of big personal projects, etc - all fueled with enthusiasm.  It's very fresh and exciting, which is why I plan to keep coming back.  Energy!

Our meeting Monday will be at the Barking Spider Tavern and we're leveraging our technical folks to try to solve problems on the spot, so we're encouraging bloggers to bring their laptops.  Right now it looks like it'll be a beautiful day--74 and sunny--so stop on by!