Happy Hour at Fahrenheit

These Brief Reviews of Brief Meals posts focus on the after-work food available on the near West side of Cleveland.

Fahrenheit (2417 Professor Ave.) isn't the sort of place you'd think to go to for happy hour - it's a well-regarded upscale restaurant, not a local watering hole.  But Fahrenheit has made it comfortable and inviting, and it works.

For a while I went on a cheeseburger kick.  Wherever there was promise of a well made basic cheeseburger, I tried it.  Here's a picture of me having trouble containing my ecstacy at the gigantic $5 double cheeseburger they used to offer:
Yes, that is a ray of light shining down from the heavens onto my dinner.  I ate the whole thing, including the light.

Did I mention I'm in a Happy Hour Meetup Group?  Yeah.  This was one of those meetups.  (BTW, how did Cleveland's happy hour meetup group get that URL?  Meetup.com really works here.)

Since that picture was taken, the fabulous basic cheeseburger was scaled down and made a bit more interesting.  In their current happy hour menu, it's listed as a goat cheese and sweet pickle cheeseburger.  I've had it - it's really tasty though smaller than the old one.  No more rays of light, but a good dinner, and the goat cheese goes unexpectedly well with a tight young red wine.