Third Bloggiversary for My Future Past

Today is the third anniversary of my first post at this blog.  Wow!  What did I have in mind when I started out?
Welcome to my future past, a logorrhea of the profound and the inane, a warehouse of dust and dreams, a diner where the absurd and the rational may commune.
Hmm, maybe "logorrhea" doesn't bring the right image to mind....

I was looking for a creative outlet, and what I found was a community.  Many thanks to the friends I've met through the old Cleveland Weblogger Meetup Group at, my co-conspirators of the Lake Erie Moose Society, and my new friends at the Ohio Blogging Association - and a shout-out to the folks at Blogger, in whose honor I've doubled the 'g' in "bloggiversary".  Here's to many more!  What will the future bring?