Albums: X Unclogged

This is one of a series of posts about music.  I'll describe albums that are not famous and mostly not critically acclaimed either, but they grabbed me and held on.  I'd like to try to capture the mystique of each one for you.

Unclogged, by X, is American music.  It is rock played by four people on a stage.  It is not 'unplugged', but the name was probably a joking reference to that genre.  X were a punk band, but if you listen, you'll hear echoes of rockabilly, folk, country, and other American forms.

You will also hear vocal harmonies that I don't have words for, except "unexpected".  You might remember "Burning House of Love" as pretty standard rock radio fare from 1985.  Here, it's reborn as a boom-chick.  Listen when Exene Cervenka joins John Doe:
Frail female vocals, vibraphones, atmosphere ... this album was made for me.

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  1. Oh, those amazing vocals. That's the sound that pain makes leaving the body.