Albums: Fear of Fours

This is one of a series of posts about music.  I'll describe albums that are not famous and mostly not critically acclaimed either, but they grabbed me and held on.  I'd like to try to capture the mystique of each one for you.

In Fear of Fours, Lamb created an album as off-balance as the Talking Heads' Remain in Light, but warmer and less paranoid.  There are songs here that build to epic heights, but what fascinates me is lyrics like these:
This was a body
Now it's a home
For you, my little alien

I feel you moving
It's oh so strange
Do you like the music

I'm a happy home
What's it like in there
I'm a happy home
I hope it's cozy in there
There can be no doubt that these are the lyrics of a pregnant woman.  In 1992, Bjork wrote this:  "this is a lucky night for me/a night when one plus one is three."  In 1993, we heard her daughter on her first solo album, Debut.

It's not something you hear sung about much.  Pregnancy is not very rock and roll, right?  But here is this music that was inspired by it.  And it's a whirlwind of conversational bass lines, syncopation, and beeps and bloops.