New feature: standalone web pages in Blogger!

In February, Blogger added the ability to create freestanding Web pages for your blog. Until now, every page in a Blogger blog was a post, so if you wanted to provide an "about me" page, you had to host it elsewhere. No longer!I noticed this new "edit pages" tab in my Blogger Dashboard today. If you create a page, you get a form to type in that's almost exactly like the "edit posts" form. Click "publish" and you're given the opportunity to display the page in your sidebar (my right hand column), as a "tab" at the top of your blog (my blog doesn't have any tabs), or just as a web page you can link to. I chose the latter. The text on my new "about this blog" page is identical to what I had put in the post I used to use for this purpose, except, of course, I no longer need the caveat about it being back-dated.

What else could you do with pages? My friend Donna wants to keep a running list of what she and her friends are reading--except she uses Wordpress and I'm sure they have their own ways. You could provide a glossary, a list of references, an old-fashioned link page - whatever you like. Any ideas?