About This Blog

Welcome to My Future Past, my personal blog. I'm Jeff Hershberger, a scientist working in Cleveland, Ohio. I blog for fun; I make no attempt at search engine optimization or monetization. This is just my creative outlet.

What do I post about? The impact of social media on people and society seems to keep coming up. Using social media to make face-to-face connections is an important theme. More generally, I like to talk about the way people interact, the way people live, and the kind of life I'm trying to have. I also post a lot of lighter stuff like how-tos and jokes. You can get a fair idea what topics I post on from the list of labels in the right hand column.

If you're curious, you can learn more about me from the links under "About" in the left hand column (below the link to this post). Incidentally, this was not the first post in this blog, I'm just back-dating it so I can use it as a welcome page without it showing up in the feed.