Things that are not me

Heidi Cool sent me an invite to check out the blogging platform at I tried to create an account with username "myfuturepast" and was informed that that account already exists.

Um, OK.

The blog, myfuturepast dot wordpress dot com, was created on my birthday in 2008 and never used. I'd like to take this opportunity to formally disavow it. That's why I said "dot" instead of putting in a real URL--I don't want that site associated with me. I've checked my records and there's no way I created it. This could be innocent, for example, the person who used to sell jewelry at www dot myfuturepast dot com (now offline) might have been thinking about blogging. Alternatively, someone may have been toying with the idea of spoofing me. Good luck with that: googling myfuturepast, about 85% of the first few pages of results are me. That's much better saturation than I get googling my name.

Other miscellaneous things that are not me: the female South African blogger at tgfuturepast dot blogspot dot com (who predates me but uses the same template and title!); the livejournal username myfuturepast; and the diaryland account myfuturepast.

But yeah, that is my old gutted myspace account.