Mazda full of firewood

Yesterday I brought home a load of firewood in my Mazda3. And it's not a hatchback. Yes, I'm too stupid to borrow somebody's truck, but everybody got a good laugh out of it.Above: half a face cord (half a "rick" to you native Ohioans) of wood in the trunk and back seat of my car. Yes, the car with the busted shocks. It was full to the windowsills, but there was plenty of space. The load capacity was another matter - you can see it sitting pretty low on the rear springs. I took the highways home to avoid bumps.

This is another triumph of Craigslist. What a great resource - I was sick of paying $5 for a little bundle of wood at the supermarket. I paid $40 for all this. Please note - there is an Emerald Ash Borer quarantine in NEO, so if you live in one of the counties that's outside the quarantine zone, don't buy your firewood inside the zone. That's bad news. My city just cut down a whole boulevard full of mature ash trees that weren't even sick yet, just to head off the disease.