Response to Metrosexuality comment

I want to respond more fully to the comments about Metro Men.

In no way do I believe that Metro Men are any more in touch with their feelings than their neanderthal brethren. However, I think they are keenly aware of their bodies, how they feel as members of attractive society. This allows for an entirely new set of men to stand up and be noticed.

So he's not 6'1", but he's got great skin, a fantastic haircut, 4% body fat and a thin, athletic body to hang his size 30-inch waist designer jeans on. He walks around noticing his body which, in turn, helps him notice and respond to the external stimuli.

In my opinion, this makes him more responsive - he understands - he primped and preened and sweat and looked at his ass in the mirror 50 times before he came out - so now, when he's got your attention, he stays with you, not feeling the need to flit from woman to woman, determining which eggs he must fertilize.

He's aware physically and as a result, mentally, emotionally, connected. He's the 5'7" guy weighing in at 175, with the confidence of any James Bond (who, might be the first Metro IMO). His physical awareness makes him more masculine, he feels the partner next to him, moves when she does, touches her when she leans in, notices the small adjustments she makes to indicate "hold the door for me".

He responds because of his physical presence, presence made possible by his investment in being metro. Men who play physical sports feel this - no one ever thinks of them as Metro - but the keen intuitiveness to their own bodies makes them respond.

Recently I had dinner with a very tall man who plays both football and basketball. Armed with my new metro thoughts, I noted that every time I moved, he adjusted, even putting his arm around me when the man to my left got too close - protecting me. In no way is he metro, but I took my simple test and findings to the test.

A very metro man did the same. Manicured nails, ironed shirt, a moisturized face that was neatly shaven and after dinner he indiscreetly applied lip balm - not chapstick but an expensive brand I recognized from Aveda. At the bar, he behaved the same - keen to my feelings and listening. He even engaged in the same protective arm-bondage.

Then my third subject - missed every move. He was clean and had gel in his hair, but in no way aware of his own body, let alone mine. He stared at the tv in the bar, barely aware that a woman was sitting with him. In his own lack of awareness, he was missing the feminine mystic, the touch of soft skin, and the feel of a woman's breasts innocently touching him.

Metro men are not pussies who get pedicures, they are real men who get pedicures because they like how their soft feet touch a woman's when they are laying in bed naked. They are not the cantaloupe-totting body-builders who try to make up for how short they are by making themselves wide, they are the naturally developed men who get cut because their bodies move better when they've lifted this week. They get facials and massages because it gives them time to relax from the stresses of their week so they can focus on a good conversation, the taste of a good Cabernet and the pleasurable feel of their hand in the small of a woman's back.

It's not feelings they are in touch with, that is a by-product, it is their bodies and in turn, they become much more intuitive and manly.