A Venn diagram: my next car

The problem with Corvettes is, once you buy one, you become a Corvette Owner.  A lot of people say the same about BMWs, but I like the cars so much I'm willing to let people assume I'm a jackass and learn otherwise later.

But seriously, the candidates for the bullseye position are:  (a) used Hyundai Genesis Coupe, or (b) rather-more-used Infiniti G35.

There are, of course, other circles not pictured:  Reliability, Wife Acceptance Factor, etc.


  1. It turns into a sort of N-dimensional Car-Space when you start adding in availability, cost of ownership and other factors. My last vehicle acquisition added up exactly one factor: what they had the keys to on hand when I started work. And it's fine. Didn't take a Cray 1 to solve it, either.

  2. Buying a car is a bitter pill. Will it serve faithfully? Or reenact the final scene of the Blues Brothers?

    Somebody buying a car for you is much easier. You drive what they want you to drive. It's sort of like renting wheels on a business trip: it's cheap to the payer, but it's free to you.

  3. So, what car did you get? I think either of the two would be a good choice. I think it would all come down to whether or not they are reliable and functional to use, which are factors you should also put in the diagram.

    @Tyra Shortino

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