Blogger for Android

Google has released an official Blogger app for Android devices, so I thought I'd give it a spin.  (Yes, I have a Droid X now.  More about that transition later.)

I took this photo last night, outside the restaurant Fahrenheit in Tremont.  A decorative ice wall in Cleveland seems a bit coals-to-Newcastle, but it was pretty funny to see it there.

[EDIT] I'm now editing this post from the Web on my desktop.  There are a couple weak points to the app.  First, you can't browse all your posts in the list view, only the "mobile posts".  Second, any picture(s) you add appear at the bottom of the post; you can't put a picture in the middle - unless of course you go back in and edit it from the desktop later.  Third, it allows you to include labels ("local" and "socialmedia" on this post), but it doesn't offer to autocomplete with your existing labels - that's a big miss.  Fourth, when you save a draft in the app, it doesn't appear as a draft in your list of posts on the PC browser.  Until you publish it.  Which is why I'm editing this post now.  Hmm, also, it only seems to upload small versions of the photos.  My camera is eight megapixels, and the photo on my blog is nowhere near that size.  And, uh, I didn't see any way to include a link in the app, I had to come back and add that later too.  Hmf.