Don't fixate on your tools

To today's ears, much of the electronic music circa 2000 is laughable.  There are a lot of songs with formulaic bleeping and bonking noises but no regard for musicality.  I loved it at the time, and I still listen to some of it, but when the musicians and fans got over the novelty of using a laptop to generate music, it felt like waking from a long, weird dream.  It felt like a revolution until we realized it was just hardware.  Similar things happen in other fields too, for example--you knew this was coming--social media.  Sure, your new phone/tablet/online community/syndication service is awesome, but quit playing around and do something meaningful.  Connect with your audience.

I was going to write a longer post, but I think I've made my point.  Instead I'll leave you with a couple musical examples.  First, here's a song I used to really like but I now find kind of tired.  I call it "the song with four notes", Sandstorm by Darude (2001).
Here's one that's aged a bit better:  Pearls Girl by Underworld (1996).
Andalucia red yellow red yellow....

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