Links roundup

Since I started adding things to my Delicious links that I thought other people might like--and not just stuff I wanted to refer to later--I find it's leaving an interesting trail. Here's a few.

How future musicians will earn a living. A popular current theory is that in the future, an artist will need about 1000 "true fans" (willing to spend $100 a year) to earn a living at music. This smart article examines some problems with that approach.

Authenticity is special now. A designer tells you how he did it: if it looks like the torn edge of a piece of paper, it probably is. Why do people keep asking? Head-spinningly meta.

Clients from Hell. More graphic designers (why is that?), this time telling you horror stories. Nobody thinks they can DIY their surgery, but the creative professions do have this problem. Begun in January, this example of user-generated literature glows with energy and originality. Although that might be my perspective--after a while I begin to see patterns in all these sites and they're not as funny.

Internet Vices. A short list of online timewasters, with analogies to real-world abusable substances. Terse, clever, and on target. I'm sure we can think of more!