The upwelling of support for Anissa Mayhew--I think next Thursday is going to be huge--made me think about bloggers, the people. I chose to start blogging more or less by accident: I was looking for a creative outlet and I'm most comfortable with writing. (You wouldn't want to see me dance.) Why have I stuck with it? Because I met some of my fellow bloggers.

At the first Moose meeting, Steve Cadwell introduced himself by saying that he blogs mainly to give him an excuse to hang out with bloggers. I can relate.

I don't know what it is about bloggers, but every time I'm in a room full of them, it's fun and crazy and smart and occasionally touching. Clearly I chose the right hobby, because these are my people. This is why I'm looking forward to next Thursday, when I'll get to meet a whole bunch of new ones.


I realize that the last several posts have been on the self-referential side and thin on "new content". I think soon I'll post a round-up of links from my delicious feed.

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