Scott Rosenberg, "Say Everything": speak to the author

As I posted previously, Scott Rosenberg, co-founder and former tech columnist for Salon, has written a book about blogging. There is a discussion with the author going on at The WELL.

The conversation's started. Here's a link to the discussion itself. If that doesn't work, here's a link to the front page of the Inkwell area (which normally has several discussions going in parallel).

Happily, the conversation page has an RSS feed. Down in post 8 there's an email address where you can send questions. (I won't repost it here in order to keep from straining their spamfilters.)

As I've gone through the book, it's been fascinating to watch blogging evolve and ultimately see how it fits in with the newer forms of social media. For a surprisingly long time, blogging was the best way for people to put their perspectives out there; now we've got better ways to issue short status updates, post photos or videos, etc. That leaves blogging better defined as a venue for extended-form writing.