Upcoming book discussion: "Say Everything" by Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg, Salon's co-founder and tech columnist, has written a book about blogging. I've always appreciated the long-range perspective he brings to tech issues, where so much of the coverage provides up-to-the-minute detail but no meaningful context. I mentioned on the Social Media Club site that this book will be discussed on a publicly-readable part of The WELL, starting September 2. Normally The WELL provides an email address where nonmembers can send questions for the author.

The current plan is that I will lead the discussion - though that means little more than keeping it from wandering too far afield. I'm absolutely flattered at that; the WELL is home turf for some real powers in the blogging world: Bruce Sterling (Wired, etc), Mark Frauenfelder (BoingBoing, MAKE), etc. What I hope to bring to the discussion is my perspective as a recent learner of blogging alongside other, newer social media services. What I hope to learn from the book is how network-building has been put into action in blogging. I'm looking forward to spending my next few weeks with the book.