CLE Social Media Club: eBook and Site Launch

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at the launch party for this great collaborative eBook and its accompanying site. Heidi Cool, the site architect, has posted a nice thorough round-up of the salient links, along with some history of the project.

My involvement was, first, to write a chapter for the eBook which appeared in draft form at this post. Then I joined the "editorial team" bringing the 19 chapters into alignment with respect to English usage. Finally, I was one of the three presenters at the launch party. I wish I'd been able to practice my talk more, but I think I got my points across.

Hmm ... I think I might clean up the "notes" portion of the presentation and make it available somewhere.

It's been a very stone-soup affair. Self-organizing, like some kind of emergent phenomenon, it was just a bunch of people with something to say getting together to speak with a unified theme. It was Dominic Litten's inspiration to start the SMCCLE, and George Nemeth's encouragement helped bring the eBook into existence. This is George's particular talent: harnessing energies without telling people what to do; identifying passions and aligning them to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. It's been a really energizing project - thanks to all.