It's Oh So Quiet

I've been trying to listen to my inner voice lately, and I've found that it's very quiet. Just a whisper, really. I've been leading such a loud life, full of cocktail parties, music, online media, and activity, that I think this little voice has been drowned out. But this week I followed up on a resolution to be more contemplative; I pushed all those loud influences out and just lived quietly for an hour or two each day. No people, no computer, no music, no chores, no home improvement. Just me.

Faintly, when I'm alone, when I'm not busy, I sometimes catch a hint of an urge. An idea, just an inclination, sometimes subliminal such that I don't even realize it was there until later. The things these quiet voices say have the ring of truth.

It appears that I've become very good at distracting myself. Now I have to learn to listen.