A few things that make me happy

Here's a picture of a water feature in our back yard. The previous owner installed it, so I can't claim credit for how nice it is, or for the bright poetry of a single pink flower deciding to bloom in the exact center of a birdbath.

That's a healthy water lily growing in a submerged pot. For a couple hours a day, a pump runs the water over the lichen-covered rocks on the right and back into the pool.

On the left is a small and very delicate Japanese red maple tree. It's like a fuzzy alien. At the bottom of the picture are a couple of "night bloomer" flowers, which look like weeds during the day but open up when the sun is down. At the lower right is a grouping of "hens and chicks" plants. They're also very delicate - they get knocked out of the dirt when one of the dogs steps on them. And lastly, at the top of the frame, is mint, a key ingredient in mojitos.

These are simple things that manage to have a surprising beauty just being what they are. They make me happy. There are a lot of things I should like about my very nice house, but these things are my favorites.