Humor impaired

"Been watching Game of Thrones and I think I've figured out why people like it.  It's a medieval fantasy with office politics but they get to stab annoying coworkers."
I posted the above as a Facebook status update because I thought it was funny (after all I amuse myself better than anyone else does).  But then it occurred to me that posting the phrase 'stab annoying coworkers' on a public site might have unintended consequences.  So I deleted it.

I'm posting it here, where I can crack a joke while making it clear that I don't intend to actually perforate anyone.  Here, I can provide context, because I can write more than two sentences without people's eyes glazing over.  I hope.

In a world where an eight-year-old can be suspended for pointing a chicken finger at someone and saying the word "bang", discretion is the better part of comedy.


  1. I happened to have been on FB when you posted that comment. I figured that your coworkers might suffer from a withering glance or your caustic wit, but not from any knife or sword(!). As with any HBO series, I always assume that it is the violence, nudity, or language that initially drives viewership.
    Your joke was safe with me.

  2. Swords, indeed. You know, Spartacus was better - it had the same kind of gore and sex, but I actually gave a damn about the characters. Too bad that actor got cancer. Not even the President can help you when that happens.