Threaded commenting now available in Blogger

It was only last year that's programmers revamped the comment moderation system, along with the rest of the UI, for those of us who write Blogger blogs.  As of yesterday, they've added another great feature for busy blogs:  threaded commenting.

You've probably seen threaded comment sections even if you don't know what the term means off the top of your head.  Threading allows you to post a comment in reply to another comment, causing your comment to appear indented a bit and positioned below the one you were answering.  The old way was just a long chronological list of comments, forcing people to use the text of their comment to address it to a specific topic or fellow commenter.  That's fine when there are just a few comments, but after a dozen or so, it gets difficult to keep track of separate sub-conversations.  To see what it looks like on this blog, go to the comments on my post "Hello, 2012", where I replied to one of my own comments.

If you write a Blogger blog, the feature may already be up and running on your blog.  If you don't see it, click the link above and check the two settings they point out.  There may be some issues if you have custom HTML in your template, but if all you've done is customize the layout and options on a standard template like I did, it'll work.

Enjoy the conversation!

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