Infinite Monkeys Post

Everything in this post, starting after this sentence, was generated by accepting suggestions from Google Scribe; I also used it in my last post.


This is like automatic paintball painting and surreal imagery.  Trying to make sense.   Maybe just go with the flow.   What will it suggests next?   Passenger in a automatic car pretty scary.   Cannot type what I want when machining doesn't suggest it, dammit.   Feel like a pinball in a machine.   Constraints like haiku.   Does it add anything to the results?  Humor maybe.  Enough of this.

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  1. The idea here was that I couldn't use any word that wasn't suggested by the system. That means no words with one letter, unless that word was suggested as the next word (it does suggest whole words sometimes). How did it feel? It was strange and frustrating. Did it make something new happen? I don't know. Will I be using this feature regularly? No.