Why is absurdity my favorite form of humor?

For example, this post on 3/15/10 on Texts From Last Night:
(301): the majority of my texts from you are at 3 AM & consist of either "I'm drunk", "you're asian", or "bratwurst".
I laughed my ass off when I read that.  Bratwurst non sequitur.

I first saved this post as a draft at least a year ago, but I didn't have anything to put in the body of the damn thing.  I figured if I left it there, I'd see it whenever I scanned through the drafts, and eventually I'd think of some kind of answer to the question.  Finally I have one:  absurd humor is like play. 

A couple weeks ago I asked about play at a "Thinkrs & Drinkrs" gathering.  My question was:  "How do you play?  Alone or with others?  Physically or mentally?"  I expected to hear about musical instruments and sports, but the question had a life of its own.  One of the most useful responses was John Heaney's:  that he doesn't set aside time to play, rather, he's constantly playing by choosing to improvise the way he gets routine tasks done.  Drive a different route to work, see different buildings, think of new possibilities.  Innovation happens when you think about the problem in front of you in a new way because you were exposed to something totally unrelated.  So a functional definition of play is that it's an activity that seeks to provide these mental collisions between unrelated thoughts.  This is very much in line with the Stephen Nachmanovitch post I quoted a long time ago about its importance in science.

Absurd humor is also a collision of unrelated thoughts.  I'm drunk, you're asian, bratwurst.  The outcome is laughter instead of innovation, but the mechanism is the same.  It jiggles the brain the same way a flash of insight does.  And I'm addicted to that.