Layout change

I went into Blogger In Draft and changed the layout of this site. Those of you subscribing via RSS won't notice, but how's the readability at the site itself? I went to a three-column layout and added a "tabs" widget below the title. Several things that used to be in the right-hand column are now on their own tabs. I think it looks less cluttered this way.

Each tab is a "page" in Blogger. My blog posts appear in the "Home" tab and the "About" tab is self-explanatory. The "Shared Readings" tab is things that I've shared in Google Reader and the "Shared Links" tab is things that I've shared on Delicious. "CLEblogs" is a subset of my Delicious feed, just the Cleveland bloggers.

I'm not 100% happy with the layout of the Shared pages. I'd like the Readings to look more like the shared items page itself, with multiple posts instead of a single post consisting of a list of previews. I'd also like the Links page to include everything in my Delicious feed except CLEblogs, since the CLEblogs links now appear on a fifth tab to serve as a blogroll. I'm sure there's a way to do that, but I'm short on time.