Gender roles and the middle ground

I recently posted about the need for a male coming-of-age ritual. The question of how to be a man in today's society has inspired a fair amount of blogging, the best of which is, in my opinion, at Art of Manliness. Last week AoM's Brett and Kate McKay reiterated some of their blog's principles and motivations.

I don't have much to add, beyond reposting it because I think it's important. But it makes me think of Milk and how the gay/lesbian movement became the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered movement. People fought to be accepted as gays; later, some people found being gay just as exclusive as being straight, and wanted to be bisexual. I'm probably oversimplifying, but this is the nutshell version of history I was once taught.

It's time for men to find a middle ground between being chauvinistic and being nothing. I'm not sure which is worse.