I bought a bike.

The exercise bike in my basement was leading up to this, but I didn't like the idea of spending $400 for a new entry-level road bike. Craigslist came to the rescue. Someone had one they'd paid $450 for but weren't using. The frame fit me. It was in good repair and even looked halfway decent. They wanted $170 but the tires were shot, so I offered $150 and they accepted. Ta-daa!

Then came replacing my ancient helmet, spandex shorts, gloves, etc. After all that plus the tires, I was set back another $100. But I expected that. I even got out my old Thule trunk-mount bike rack. I'd lost the manual, and the thing was so old the manual wasn't online, but after a couple days I figured out how to mount it, so now my wife and I can ride together.

So on Sunday we drove to the northernmost point of the Tow Path along the Cuyahoga, and began riding south. After a half mile or so I noticed an odd bumping. After a mile I realized it was my valve stem hitting the road - my tire was flat. Serves me right for replacing the tires but not the inner tubes. We walked back to the car.

I got some replacement inner tubes. I dug out my old Zefal frame pump. I'm gonna toss my bike in the back of my car and go to that trailhead after work. You'll see.